What we believe

AJEEEVAN believes the nature of food intake is the decisive factor that keeps the body and the mind in the right shape. It is very important to provide our body with high quality food to develop healthy bodies and lead a disease-free life. But what exactly is ‘good food’. In a world where we are fed with vested interest driven propaganda on a daily basis, it’s difficult to distinguish the truth from the half-truths and outright lies that flood our information systems. Let us try to debunk the myths and lies about what and how we eat.

Our Mission

We aim to inculcate healthy lifestyles by incorporating traditional ways of consuming food. Food is like medicine but now medicines have become a part of our food. Despite the tremondous advance in medical science, one out of three people suffers from some nagging health conditions, often of a serious nature. The reason is simple. If the base of the building is weak, then no matter how much you invest on the building, it’s going to collapse.

We guide people to eat and live healthy. We want to make a strong base for your body so that it doesn't require lifelong medicine based support. We provide the correct diet for your body.

How we started?

India has witnessed an increasing rate of serious health problems in people during past two decades. This led us to delve deep into the root cause of these lifestyle based diseases and ways to overcome it. The fruit of our cumulative effort is AJEEVAN.